Who is "MATR?"

The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (“MATR”) provides water and sewage services to roughly 4,900 water and/or sewer customers. One of our customers, the Findlay Township Municipal Authority, obtains almost all of its water from MATR under a wholesale contract. The Findlay Municipal Authority provides water service to the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The existing water distribution system includes about 108.96 miles of water lines ranging in size from 2 to thirty inches in diameter, and related facilities including a 1.0 million and 1.5 million gallon elevated storage tanks and a 500,000 gallon standpipe. Additionally, the Authority maintains three metered connections with booster pumping stations to pump water from the Pennsylvania-American Water Company, two metered connections with Moon Township Municipal Authority, two metered connections with the Western Allegheny Municipal Authority as well as metered connections with the Municipal Authority of the Borough of West View and the Coraopolis Water and Sewer Authority...

MATR’s water treatment plant is located in Groveton, 1,400 feet south of its supply source, the back channel of the Ohio River. The plant has an output capacity of 6.0 million gallons per day (“m.g.d.”). This capacity is more than sufficient to meet the current average and peak daily requirements of our customers, which are approximately 3.0 m.g.d. and 4.25 m.g.d. respectively. Projected growth from new development in Robinson, such as the Settler’s Ridge commercial complex, the new corporate headquarters of Industrial Scientific and the recently completed Ridge at Robinson Apartments complex, is accommodated sufficiently by the existing water infrastructure.

Robinson's sanitary sewage system is comprised of 117.2 miles of sewer lines ranging in sizes from 4 to 27 inches in diameters, services the watersheds of Montour Run, Campbells Run, Moon Run and Chartiers Creek, and is adequate for current collection, interceptor and sewage treatment plant requirements.

Recently completed sewer system expansion and rehabilitation projects include:

• The upgrade of the Moon Run Sewage Treatment Plant's capacity to 0.60 m.g.d. from 0.25 m.g.d.;

• The addition of a wet weather storage tank, sludge pumps, backup power generator, and ultraviolet disinfection to the Covi/Douglas Sewage Treatment Plant;

• The Campbells Run sewage system was upgraded by replacement/repair/rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer lines and is nearing completion of a new aeration system with fine bubble diffusers and additional sludge storage.

The water systems continues to meet Federal, State and County clean water regulations. (Safe Drinking Water Act), and the sewage system investments will increase the useful life, assist in meeting more stringent environmental regulations and prevent accidental discharges from extreme weather conditions.