Frequently Asked Questions - Billing

An "E" next to your current reading means that it is an estimated bill. If you do receive an estimated bill please call the MATR office so that we can correct it with an actual reading bill.

A dye test is used to verify if stormwater is contaminating the sanitary sewer system that is intended to carry raw sewage only. Excessive water contamination is an added stress into the system which can increase rates to residents. The current charge is $225 and requires a 30 day advance notice. All requests should be in writing and mailed to the MATR office. Please remember to include a return address or fax number to receive your results. There is an additional fee of $100 if you need your dye test rushed in 2 week or less.  In preparation for your dye test,  please make sure all of your storm gutters are unclogged, your fresh air vent cap is not broken or missing,  and there is an adequate water supply turned on to the outside of the home/building. Please call the office if you have additional questions.

MATR does include a service charge based on the size of the water meter. It is included in the charges shown on the front of the bill. A breakdown of charges can be found on the back of your bill.

All bills are due on the 25th of the month.

Residential bills are mailed quarterly. Call the office to find out what months you receive bills. Commercial customers are billed monthly.