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The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson
4200 Campbells Run Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
(412) 923-2411
FAX (412) 923-2347


MATR Board Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at
7:00 p.m. at
4200 Campbells Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA

Board of Directors

Charles Blocksidge

George Douglas
Vice Chairman

Nicholas A. Bonesso

Prospero Castelluccio

Kathleen Swish
Assistant Secretary - Treasurer

Stanley Celich

Richard Young

Management Staff

Anthony T. Lenze
Executive Director

Joseph Alvarez III
Manager- Water System Operations

Frank Manslow
Manager- Wastewater System Operations

William H. Knobel


Albert J. Zangrilli
Mark Fischer
Yukevich, Marchetti, Liekar & Zangrilli

Douglas J. Evans, PE
NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Consulting Engineer



Robinson Township has a population of roughly 13,500 as of the 2010 U.S. Census. The Township is located in roughly a 16-square-mile area in Allegheny County, about 10 miles west of Pittsburgh and borders the Ohio River. Due to its proximity to Pittsburgh and location along the "airport corridor," Robinson Township is one of the three fastest growing communities in Pennsylvania.

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Who is "MATR"

The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson (MATR) provides water and sewer services to more than 5,300 customers. The Authority provides water under a wholesale contract to Findlay Township Municipal Authority, which serves the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Water Storage Tank on Bayer RoadThe existing water distribution system includes about 84.25 miles of water lines ranging in size up to thirty inches, and related facilities including a 1.0 million gallon and a 1.5 million gallon elevated storage tank, a 250,000 gallons and a 500,000 gallon standpipe. Additionally, the Authority maintains three metered connections with the Pennsylvania-American Water Company, three booster pumping stations to pump water from the Pennsylvania-American Water System, a metered connection with Moon Township Municipal Authority, two metered connections with the Western Allegheny Municipal Authority and a connection with the Borough of Coraopolis Water System.

MATR’s water treatment plant is located in Groveton, 1,400 feet south of its supply source, the back channel of the Ohio River. The plant has an output capacity of 6.0 million gallons per day (“m.g.d.”). This capacity is more than sufficient to meet the current average and peak daily requirements of our customers, which are approximately 3.0 m.g.d. and 4.25 m.g.d. respectively. Projected growth from development in Robinson and Findlay, such as the recently completed Settler’s Ridge Development, will likely require the expansion of water treatment facilities in the future.

The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson (“MATR”) sewerage system (“system”) is composed of approximately 113 miles of sewer line, a series of pumping stations, three wastewater treatment plants (Campbells Run, Covi/Douglas and Moon Run) and other such related and required facilities. MATR’s system is entirely separate from the storm sewer system, which is owned and operated by The Township of Robinson

In addition to the treatment plants serving the Township of Robinson, sewage collected in the Montour Run Drainage Area is discharged to an interceptor owned by the Moon Township Municipal Authority. The Moon Township Municipal Authority owns and operates the treatment plant which treats the sewage collected in the comprehensive Montour Run Drainage Area. Additionally, sewage collected in the Groveton (Ohio River) area is pumped into the system owned and operated by the Coraopolis Water and Sewer Authority. The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority provides for the treatment of sewage collected in the Chartiers Creek Drainage Area and Lower Campbells Run Road area of Robinson Township. Therefore, a portion of the system serves as a conveyance system for portions of flows that are treated by nearby municipal sewerage systems.

3 Rivers Wet Weather DemonstrationAll systems continue to meet health protection regulations (Safe Drinking Water Act), and the sewer system investment will help prevent accidental discharge caused by extreme weather conditions.

Do you know what happens when it rains in Allegheny County? Visit the 3 Rivers Wet Weather site and learn more.

Water Quality Data for water systems in Allegheny County can be found at the Allegheny County web site, -- and information regarding community water systems throughout the United States can be found here.

You can learn more about PA Municipal Authorities at the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Assocation.